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Goal MattersTM

A training and resource site designed to provide simple steps, tools, techniques and motivation to inspire individuals to reach their full potential in life.


A global community of women who gather monthly to share their successes and mentor each other through empowering exercises to live a more purposeful life.


The book, to be published Fall 2014, features unique goal-setting concepts to promote having fun while realizing your dreams and celebrating your successes. The language of goals all in one place!

Adsource Media, Inc./am3 Adsource

Darlene is also the founder and CEO of Adsource Media,Inc., a woman-owned marketing and branding firm located in Raleigh, NC. Under her leadership for the past 14 years, am3 specializes in corporate branded merchandise, motivational products and services, marketing solutions, digital media, product development, packaging, sales training and employee motivation. am3 Adsource is WBENC certified.

  • Goal Setting Matters

    Goal Setting consists specific, targeted, measurable, realistic and achievable goals which are to be established by the goal setters to make their purpose successful. The theory of goal setting offers a vehicle for the participants to ensure them with a Read More
  • Why Goal Achievement is Better than Goal Setting

    When the calendar year has changed, we come up with a list of New Year’s resolutions. Each resolution can either be achieved or be part of the following year’s list once again. Some have dropped the idea of making any Read More
  • Goal Setting Definition

    If you asked your colleagues or acquaintances for their definition of goal setting, they’d probably all have similar answers: setting your goals means picking something to which you aspire - be it personal, professional, spiritual, or other - and pursuing it until Read More
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