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Darlene Whitehurst

Entrepreneur, Author, Goalologist Ph.G..
Throughout her career, Darlene has been a strong contributor to books, journals, articles and blogs for goal-setting and goal achievement. Listed below are a few examples of her work...

  • Keynote Speaker Highpoint University Entrepreneurship Club
  • Wednesdays, Women & Wine Goals Journal
  • Women & Awareness Goals Journal
  • Goal.os.ophy (launches soon)
  • GoalFriends Workbook
  • Keynote Speaker : Women's Professional Leadership Organization
  • Published article in Women’s Edge Magazine
Interviewed by Spark & Hustle: Look what Spark & Hustle had to say about Darlene!!
Spark & Hustle Interview

Maddy Rice

A committed goal setter and successful achiever of most of her goals, Maddy firmly believes that you can do anything you set your mind to as long as you trust and believe it will happen. As a scientist, Maddy has a thirst for understanding the science of how having goals influence the brain, behavior and health. Her passion is to inspire and empower others to develop strategies for putting their goals into action.

As the Chief Learning Officer for several companies, she was responsible for successfully establishing performance-based competencies and training management to exceed their performance goals. Maddy currently lives in Raleigh, NC and is the US Representative and Case Management Specialist at Malaria Consortium. Go Maddy!

Jenn Furr

Tarheel born and bred, Jenn calls North Carolina home. Her redneck childhood combined with a Carolina education and corporate work experience drives her belief that you can do and be anything.

After numerous years in that corporate cubeland, Jenn jumped into entrepreneurship with the creation of a product she couldn’t find in stores – PictureThatSound.

Now, as president of a small business and a working mom, she works with GoalFriends to help give women confidence in defining and achieving their professional and personal goals.

Oh, and look for this North Carolinian in Hawaii in a few years. That goal’s at the top of Jenn’s list.

Bloggers and Contributors

  • Goal Setting Matters

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  • Why Goal Achievement is Better than Goal Setting

    When the calendar year has changed, we come up with a list of New Year’s resolutions. Each resolution can either be achieved or be part of the following year’s list once again. Some have dropped the idea of making any Read More
  • Goal Setting Definition

    If you asked your colleagues or acquaintances for their definition of goal setting, they’d probably all have similar answers: setting your goals means picking something to which you aspire - be it personal, professional, spiritual, or other - and pursuing it until Read More
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