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Darlene Whitehurst

Let's Create a Goal.bal Vision Together!

Darlene is a goal setter. And, for years, she's realized the successes of meeting her goals, personally and professionally. Today, her biggest goal is to reach others and teach them about the power of goal setting.

Darlene Whitehurst & Jack Canfield

Darlene created Goal Matters to inspire and empower you ... to arm you with everything you need to unleash the power of goal setting. Whether you're a corporate executive looking for coaching or train-the-trainer programs or you're a busy working mother looking for local encouragement through GoalFriends, her programs deliver the resources and support that lead to self-acutalization and success.

Darlene believes that “You Matter,” and she supports you in every step of your goal setting journey, including the development of your personal brand to becoming a purpose-driven individual. Like those who mentored and influenced her, Darlene hopes your goal-setting successes will influence and help those around you. Imagine that Goal.bal Vision!

“See the world through the lens of possibilities and live your life through the language of goals!” - Darlene Whitehurst

Goal.os.ophy: You Reap What You Goal! is the philosophy by which Darlene lives her life. Her book, to be released Fall 2014, features unique goal-setting concepts to promote having fun while realizing your dreams and celebrating your successes.

Darlene is a self-professed goal.a.holic and lives her life through the language of goals.

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