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GoalFriends Testimonials

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  • Reba Green, St. Louis, MO

    "From the start of our group, our focus was clear. To support, share, love, each other. I was very close to the Read More
  • Reba Green, St. Louis, MO

    “I'm so happy that you created GoalFriends! So many of the things we do are things that I had learned about years Read More
  • Jane Massey, St. Louis, MO

    "It's amazing that in just a couple of months I feel closer to this group of women than to other people I've Read More
  • Susan Benigas, St. Louis, MO

    "Life is going too fast! Who can argue?! Time for relationship building is often one of the casualties of this fast-paced existence. Read More
  • Monica Binger, Raleigh, NC

    "...I always come away from meetings inspired and energized. What I love about the group is that we vary slightly in age Read More
  • Andrea Thorne, Durham, NC

    "Last night was the first opportunity I was able to attend the WWW meetings. While I greatly enjoyed taking Tae Kwon Do Read More
  • Beth

    “Honestly, you and Goal Friends has changed my life in so many ways! I am now becoming the person God intended me Read More
  • Marsha

    “I have been most blessed by this group. My life has changed for the better, and I've created life-long friends. It just Read More
  • Liz

    “I was so moved, and motivated last night, and to say Goal Friends is the best medicine one could have and I'm Read More
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  • How To Achieve Your Goals

    When you set goals for yourself you will want to do everything in your power to achieve your goals. There are many ways that you can achieve your goals but there are a few sure fire ways that will allow Read More
  • Success In Life

    The concept of successful and unsuccessful people is simply a myth. Rather we can state that some people are aware of their ability to succeed and they work towards making things possible, while others having the same ability fail to Read More
  • Success Stories from Goal Achievers

    We have heard and read numerous success stories, especially with the current technological advancement of our communication system. Sharing of success stories have never been simple and easy. We now have Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, blogging sites, and the likes. Read More
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