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What is Goal.os.ophy?

Webster's defines the word Philosophy as "the most basic beliefs, concepts, and attitudes of an individual or group." Consider this definition in its application to goal setting... and you've got Goal.os.ophy.

The beliefs, concepts, and attitudes of an individual in setting and achieving goals. Goal.os.ophy.

Ancient Greece described philosophy as a love of wisdom, which, in Goal.os.ophy couldn't be more appropriate. Pythagoras is to philosophy as Darlene Whitehurst is to Goal.os.ophy. Darlene, Goal Matters creator, applies her study, knowledge, and the science of goal setting in a way that we can understand as well as have fun.

Through Darlene's intensive study, numerous mentors, and individual and corporate program development, she wrote Goal.os.ophy: You Reap What You Goal! This fun but highly impactful book features simple, creative concepts to motivate, inspire and transform. The innovative language of goal setting keeps the reader mindful and purposeful in achieving success personally and professionally.

Goal.os.ophy creates a culture of success.

COMING SOON! Pre-order your copy of Goal.os.ophy now! Launch scheduled Fall of 2014.

As an avid goal setter, you see your whole life through a lens of opportunity and possibility. Nothing is out of reach." Darlene Whitehurst

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